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Os reload

How to OS Reload your Server

First, login to your NodeSpace Client Portal account at Once you are logged in, go to your services.

My Services

Select your Virtual Server.

Select Server

Select your Dedicated Server.

Select Server

Under Reinstallation, select an OS and an OS version.

Select OS


If you don't see your OS of choice listed, you can contact support to have a custom installation done for you. Please note that custom installations may take longer to complete.

Select OS

If you don't see your OS of choice listed, you can use IPMI to install your OS of choice. Please see our IPMI guide for more information.

Select an SSH key and/or a root password. Most operating systems have a default disk layout, but you can see if a custom layout is available. Click on Start Reinstallation.

SSH Keys/Root Password

You will be given a live status of the OS installation.

Installation Progress

Closing this window or leaving this page will not stop the installation. You can safely navigate away from this page and come back later to check on the status of the installation.


Operating systems can take 10+ minutes to fully install. Please be patient.