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Register a Domain

Registerring a new Domain

NodeSpace offers domain registrations for over 100 different TLDs at competitive prices.

You do not need to register a domain to use our services

If you already have a domain name or prefer to use another domain registrar, you can use your existing domain or register using your preferred registrar.


Our current pricing can be viewed on our website at

Domain pricing is subject to change

Domain pricing is subject to change. Pricing shown is for one year. Multiple years can be purchased at the current rate shown. For example, a .com can be registered for $12.00/year. If you want to purchase 5 years, you will pay $60. If, for example, next year the price increases to $12.50, you will not be affected unless you renew or add additional years to your domain.

Available TLDs

You can view all TLDs we have available at

The TLDs we carry may change over time. If you don't see a particular TLD, we may not yet be offering it.

Registration Requirements

As part of the domain name registration process, your contact details that you have provided NodeSpace will be used on the domain. Providing false or inaccurate information is against ICANN policies. Our system may block registrations if your account details do not contain valid information. Your information is protected by the NodeSpace Privacy Policy and the privacy policy of NameSilo, our partner registrar.

Some TLDs may be restricted as to who can register them. You will be asked to provide approperate documentation during the registration process or answer the self-certifying questions.